Ship Registration under the Malta Flag

General Information

, Ship Registration under the Malta Flag , Ship Registration under the Malta Flag , Ship Registration under the Malta Flag


  • Ships may be registered in the name of legally constituted corporate bodies or entities
    irrespective of nationality or by a European Union citizen;
  • Reputable and internationally recognized ship register;
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week service;
  • European Flag with a long maritime tradition;
  • On the White List of the Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU and on the Low Risk Ship List of the Paris MoU;
  • No nationality restrictions for master, officer and crew;
  • No trading restrictions and preferential treatment to Maltese ships in certain ports;
  • No hidden costs and no inspection fees;
  • Customer service oriented approach that values long term customer relationships;
  • Well-organised and highly respective flag Administration with one of the largest registers in the world and very active in European Union for a and international organisations;
  • A clear political vision supporting business and the maritime industry;
  • Availability of a whole range of maritime services including very reputable and experienced legal and corporate services supporting registration, management and administration;
  • Backed up by a professional registry that values long term customer relationships.



  • All types of vessel from pleasure yachts to oil rigs, including vessels under construction may be registered, provided that they are wholly owned by legally constituted corporate bodies or entities irrespective of nationality or by EU citizens.
  • The formation of a Maltese company is a straightforward operation; there are no nationality requirements as to the shareholders and directors;
  • As a rule trading ships of 25 years old are not registered although in certain circumstances this may be considered. 

Registration Procedure

A vessel is first registered provisionally under the Malta flag for six months which is extendible for a further period or periods not exceeding in the aggregate six months, during which period all documentation needs to be finalized. The requirements for provisional registration are:

  • Application for registration by the owner or an authorized representative including if required, application for change of name of ship;
  • Proof of qualification to own a Maltese ship; in the case of a body corporate, the document of incorporation;
  • In the cases of non-Maltese owners, appointment of a resident agent;
  • Where applicable, a copy of the current ship’s International Tonnage Certificate;
  • Declaration of ownership made in front of the Registrar by the owner or an authorized representative;
  • Evidence of seaworthiness; in the case of trading ships confirmation of class with a recognized organization and information of the ship’s statutory certification;
  • Where applicable, application for Minimum Safe Manning Certificate;
  • Payment of initial registration fees and annual tonnage tax;
  • Application for ship radio station licence.